Lineage Of Creative Talent

KY Huang decided to become an artist while he was conducting a series of art workshops for the People’s Association. In addition to attending art courses, he had the privilege of learning under the renowned artist, Lee Man Fong.


He started with sculpting because he was inspired by the works of Rodin and Lu Min. His sculpting style falls under the classical contemporary category. His debut solo exhibition in 2011, was sponsored by National Geographic at Vivocity, Singapore and was supported by the National Arts Council and People’s Association.


National Geographic


His debut exhibition brought him several orders and commissions. After two years of non-stop sculpting , and in need of a break, he decided to take up the brush again. His barcode zebras paintings like his “Having Fun” sculptures were well received. Today, Huang continues to alternate between sculpting and painting.


Zebra Painting


Huang continues to develop exquisite series of sculptures and paintings touching upon various uplifting concepts. The Prosperity Series represents continuity while the Bough Of Abundance represents abundance and harmony.




After his father’s surgery, Wei Huang took over the management and in doing so discovered his own passion for the arts. He also developed several successful series of works, the painted sculpture series being the most remarkable of all.



Huang Sculptures are known for their uniqueness and positive concepts desired by all. The aim is perfection and satisfaction while painting the fast-paced reproduction of works.